Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minnehaha Park Adventure

Since today's high was a balmy 31 degrees (very nearly 0 C!!) Fiona and I decided to leave the house and go to the park. We got all bundled up and took the train down the road to meet our friends Dasha and Tomas. We all walked to Minnehaha park and had a look at the waterfall.

The falls are still very much frozen... They are sooking all the water out of the bottom so they can do some maintenance and try to help with the erosion, just like they did to Niagara Falls. Pretty fancy, huh? Here's a proposed before/after so you can see just how amazing it will look by Summer...



I think it will be lovely!

Then we walked around the park a little before heading back to Dasha's house for a warming cup of tea.  Fiona took a little nap on the way.

We had some tea and played for a while, then Fiona and I went home. It looks like a long walk... and by then, it was pretty cold again, so it felt like one too!

I guess as adventures go, that wasn't particularly exciting. But just wait... tomorrow we're going to have an adventure at the Minneapolis Development Review Department in the Minneapolis Public Service Center. Stay tuned!!


Lori said...

I am on the edge of my seat...

Mum said...

I love the picture of the falls after the erosion is fixed - people will come from miles around to see them! Fiona looks very cute in her multi coloured poncho!