Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tropical Weekend

You know you live in Minnesota when you look forward to a "warm" weekend of mid 20's (around -4C) temperatures... Towards the end of last week it snowed a lot and got ridiculously cold here, and although we managed to visit Adele we were too busy huddling together for warmth to make a blog update, sorry!

Adele is no longer spending all her time under the phototherapy lights! It's possible that her bilirubin levels might go up again and she'll need to spend a little more time under them, but hopefully not! This means that she can snuggle under blankets and wear pyjamas and have a cover over her isolette so that it's nice and dark inside.

I don't know if she cares about the clothes or blankets, but she definitely prefers dim light.

She's still doing well without the IV and has only had a few spells after the medicine to prevent those was stopped (and hasn't had one in the last couple of days). She occasionally has an unrelated dip in her heartrate - the nurse thinks this is probably due to a little reflux (her food comes back up a little because her digestive system is still immature) and should be something that she'll grow out of.

She's now eating 29mls of milk every 3 hours (30mls is 1oz) and they're probably not going to increase it much more. Breastmilk is about 20 calories/oz and they add a supplement to bulk up the calories and nutrition to 24 calories/oz, which doesn't sound like a lot, but to put it in perspective, she eats 1/10 of the number of calories that a fully grown adult would, and she's only 1/50 of the size!

The last news is that she's still gaining weight! She now weighs 3lbs 6oz! Go Adele!

Fiona is also doing well. She went to a party on Friday with Ben and I and another party on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa... she's quite the party animal!

Grandma Ginger often uses an earpiece to make phone calls and Fiona is quite interested in this. I found these pictures on the camera this evening that Ben must have taken when I was visiting Adele one evening... (further proof that it was Ben is that her face was not wiped prior to photographing ;-)

And when I got home from the hospital this evening Fiona and Daddy were having a lovely time hanging out and watching Sesame Street...

Awww sweet! I'm looking forward to when Adele can be cuddled up on the other side :-)


Lori said...

If Adele is on the other side, where does Mama Bear sit?

Michelle said...

Very cute picture of Ben and Fiona - she is such a Daddy's girl! I should know, I'm one too! :-) And such good news about Adele, it's so nice to read about all the positive progress she is making.

Louise said...

Hi Lori! I am taking the pictures! Either that or making the dinner... ;-)

Hi Michelle! She does love her daddy!

Kate Smith said...

I need my Adele update for this week! :) Hope you all are well and have had a chance to do some holiday shopping so you can relax and enjoy next week. But probably not. ;)

Tiffany said...

Hi Louise, Ben, Fiona, and little Adele! I have finally found your blog. Little Adele is so sweet! I'm glad things are going well.

We had fun buffeting with you guys tonight!

Louise said...

Hi Kate! I finally got one done!

Hi Tiffany! Glad you found us!! It was really nice to see you guys tonight!