Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday update

Ben is taking Monday and Tuesday off so that I can recuperate, but I accidentally had a lot of things to get done so we had a pretty busy day! Today was the Mommy group holiday party and I knew Fiona would like to see all of her friends so we stopped by to hang out for a while. It was nice to see everyone again, and Fiona had a fun time stealing snacks and playing. After that Fiona went to visit Grandma and Grandpa and Ben and I visited with Adele.

She's still under the lights and her blilrubin levels are dropping, so that's good news!

She's also now up to eating 10mls of milk at a time (through her feeding tube). I found out that they increase the amount by 1ml every 8 hours, not every 3 (that did seem like a lot!) and her tummy is still handling the milk really well.

Daddy changed a diaper, though he lucked out... the one I changed tonight was full of poo... the poo was very good news, pooing is important, it helps move the waste products out of her body and further lower her bilirubin levels, and she had not had one for a few days, but the timing of the poo was not so great ;-)

(diaper change in action)

We brought my camera to try to get some better pictures of her and her tiny little parts (her hands just blow me away, they are impossibly small, and each finger has a perfect little finger nail on the end of it!).

We had a nice snuggle together too...

Skin to skin contact is really good for preemies, and babies in general. They like to be warm and close and to be able to smell their parents smells. Adele loves to snuggle up against Ben and I, she gets calm and either looks around at what's going on or falls asleep. It's a very special time that we get to spend together.

Ahhh cuddles!


Kate Smith said...

So tiny! It was a great surprise to see you and Fiona today- sorry we didn't get to chat more. Glad that Adele is doing better and getting stronger with every day. You're so blessed! No more making me cry during intros though, k? :)

Lori said...

Super Precious! I am remembering SO much from when Adriana was born. Kangaroo Cuddle was my favorite time ;)

Louise said...

Hi Kate! It was nice to be there! Fiona really enjoyed it too I think.

Hi Lori! It is my favourite too! I'm looking forward to when she's done with her phototherapy so we can cuddle more!

Michelle said...

She is so perfect and tiny! And its so good to hear how well she is doing. I bet you can't wait until she can come home, and I can't wait until you're all able to travel over here so we can meet her!

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you and Fiona at the party. Hope we get a chance to talk more in the future. Kangaroo care is so rewarding. We got many great pictures of us and Adaline cuddling. The pics of Adele are adorable. I know that going to the hospital daily can be very stressful. But the time will go by so fast, and before you know it, you will be cuddling her at home.-Jocelyn

Louise said...

Hi Michelle! That will be exciting!

Hi Jocelyn! I can't believe a week has passed already! And I agree, kangaroo care is wonderful!