Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bedrest day 4

We're still here! Happy December eveyone!

Here's today's run-down...

My regular doctor stopped by this morning to chat about things. She said that 34 weeks is as long as she is comfortable letting me go to balance the risk of infection with the benefit of further gestation, but it's not very likely that baby will stick around in there that long. 34 weeks exactly would be Monday December 27th.

She looked great on the monitoring that was done this morning - heartate good, hardly any contractions. I'm hooked up again right now, and she's squirming all over the place trying to get away from the monitor, so she's definitely still in there :-)

Fiona and Ben came to visit, and we were able to hang out at McDonalds and have chocolate sundaes for dinner. Fiona liked the ice cream, but wasn't particularly bothered that I was there. It was nice to see her though! Her hair is longer and she seems older already! I forgot to bring the camera down, so there's no picture, sorry!

All in all, nothing much to report, which is good. And since one of the more exciting parts of my day here is getting to order food, I thought for your entertainment I should start including some hospital food reviews!

They have a pretty good menu, so I choose what I like, then call, and they bring it up to me... today's featured item

Lunch: Cheese and salad sandwich. I don't eat meat, so I thought I'd try just cheese, and this is what I got...

Scores out of 5:

Presentation: 4.-the cheese looks a little crusty, but someone really tried to artfully arrange those tomatoes and the whole thing looked much better with the top on!

Taste: 4. it looks a bit dodgy, but I added some mayo and it was actually pretty good!

Repeatability: 5. Fairly healthy, tasted good, and was small enough to also be able to justify eating a brownie with it. Excellent overall score of 13/15. Winner!

That's all for today... stay tuned for tomorrow's feature :-)


Anonymous said...

I was impressed with the food at Abbott as well. Always order dessert! Jocelyn

Lori said...

Thanks for the review, I'm always up for new dinner ideas for my family dates.

Louise said...

Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for the tip! I really liked the brownie I had, so I think I need to branch out and try their other desert offerings too.

Hi Lori... I'm not sure it would taste as good if you're not in hospital, but let me know how it goes over ;-)

Jamie and Brian said...

Hey Louise, so glad to hear things are going well and you seem to be in good spirits! So glad I'm able to follow your progress via blogger!

Mum said...

I think "always order desert" is a piece of advice that we should all follow throughout life.I would also add that dessert should be eaten first in case there isn't room for it later!