Monday, June 8, 2009

Ben's new love

I'm sorry I haven't written about our adventures in the last week, but I've been too busy sobbing into my pillow... you see, Ben has a new love in his life. She's curvy, sexy, and wears a lot of red. She hugs him tight and roars with excitement when he caresses her with his... um... foot. Yes, I should stop with the analogies there. She's a car. 

Isn't she lovely? She's a Mazda RX-8, and usually after Ben comes home from work, he'll pop out to the garage a couple of times in the evening to visit her. 

One of the reasons I was presented with for why she was the best choice of car was that she has back seats, and half back doors, so Fiona can fit in the back. And this is true, however, car seat manufacturers don't seem to have considered that you may want to fit your child in the back of a sports car, and the seat that we have for "my" car is much too big for the RX-8. 

So on Sunday, after some fruitless internet research (apparently providing dimensions for car seats is too much work for the manufacturers), we set off on an expedition to babies 'r' us, in search of a miniature car seat.

We found that interestingly, the more expensive a car seat is, generally, the larger it becomes. By the time you pay $369 for the Britax Advocate, it comes with 8 cup holders, and a troop of tiny circus clowns and elephants living inside it ready to pop up at a moment's notice and entertain your child. Of course, you do have to drive a car the size of a tank in order to accommodate it. Luckily, we wanted something small, and we're cheap, and the two seem to go hand in hand, so we went with this one:

It's the Evenflo Tribute V, and you can see it only has one cup holder. Which of course, we didn't attach, because just the thought of liquids being spilled in Ben's new love causes him to hyperventilate.  So here it is... a public service announcement for those who, like us, try to fit a giant car seat in a ridiculously tiny car. You can fit this one, rear facing, in the back of an RX-8, and still fit a 5'10" passenger in the seat in front. You're welcome for the help! :-)

Thus ends the new car excitement. For me anyway. Ben's out there right now, caressing her gentle curves. He claims to be sorting the recycling, but with a booty like this, how could he possibly resist?


Shock said...

She's a beauty! Ben is a lover of rotary engines. First an RX-7 now an RX-8. I had to sell my love to start my family. I had an orange Nissan 350Z convertible. I miss her.

Lori said...

You are handling the "affair" so well. Congratulations!

Cathy said...

Hilarious! Sadly I know that you are not exaggerating at ALL. Like I said, who can blame him? It or I mean she is a beauty.

Michelle said...

I felt like I was intruding on something private reading the first paragraph of this blog...but I do understand the attraction, very very nice car.

david said...

Soon it will be mine!