Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventure at the Children's Museum

On Thursday Fiona and I went to the Children's Museum in St. Paul with some friends. Fiona had a LOT of fun! I have too many pictures and videos to have them all here, but I'll upload them all to our flickr page soon if you want to see the rest

First we went to the room specially for little children (6-36 months) which is soft and has all kind of fun things to crawl on and touch and play with.

Fiona had a lot of fun crawling up and down this hill.

She found a Fox, a Mole, and an unidentifiable creature in holes (I need to brush up on my woodland animals). The light came on when you touched the hole. She thought the Fox was funny.

She really enjoyed walking around holding onto this handy railing.

Next, we visited the Clifford room. She loved crawling through this little tunnel.

Her favourite place by far was the water room. She got to send ping pong balls along pipes and splash around like crazy. The other mothers were running around trying to get aprons on their children, but I kind of just let her get completely soaked to the skin. Bad, bad Mum! Well, it is summer after all!

Fiona and her friend, Tommy...

And here's a little video of her sending the ball down the pipe. She understood what to do right away, and really loved this game! 


Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

The Children's Museum should use Fiona in their advertisements!

Cathy said...

Looks like it is time for a membership? She is so cute. We want to go with you next time :)

Lori said...

Count me in on your next visit also. I'll really need you to work around my schedule though. So attached is a calendar of my available dates and times. It looks like either June 3rd at 10:00pm or June 18th at 4:30 am. Just let me know and we will call it a date.