Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

So Sunday was Father's day.

Side note: Dad - I tried to skype you, but you all must have been out doing something exciting. Either that or ignoring me. Happy Father's day anyway!

On Sunday Fiona woke up super early. 4.45 early. After listening to her babble through the monitor for a while it became clear that she was not going back to sleep, and was getting increasingly angry at being ignored, so I hauled myself out of bed.

We spent some time eating breakfast together and playing, and then we made a card for her Daddy. She seemed to enjoy it, but next time the crayons will not be used in the same room as the couch. I should have known better.

After all this it was almost 8am, so we decided that Father's day priveledges only extend so far, and it was time to pay Daddy a visit.

Fiona was VERY excited to find Daddy. Ben... not so much.

Still, it was ok. Fiona took a nap, and I made Ben his favourite breakfast... Omelette and hash browns. I was going to take a picture, but I forgot. It looked (and apparently was) delicious. Much better than my last cooking endeavour.

Fiona woke up, and we did some stuff. I forget what. Then we headed to Fuddruckers for a traditional Father's day late lunch. Fuddruckers is Ben's favourite restaurant, so we go there for "his" occasions.

Here's Ben hanging with the Fi. (The woman in the background is totally posing for my picture)

And for nostalgia, here's the Father's day celebration at Fuddruckers last year...

Crazy. This year Fiona did a lot less sleeping and a lot more milkshake demanding.

When we got home Fiona took another nap and Ben opened his presents. Fiona and I gave him a thermos named "Stainless King" to take his coffee to work in, and Garden State on DVD. Garden State is one of my our favourite movies and I we enjoyed watching it later that evening!

That was about it. It was a nice day. Happy Father's day Ben!


Michelle said...

I love the photo of Fiona waking Daddy up, how funny! That sounds like a really nice Father's Day, Ben is a very lucky Daddy.

Tanya Cothran said...

My dad seemed to be ignoring me also - I settled for leaving a message instead of skyping.

And - I should learn from Fiona and do a lot less sleeping and a lot more milkshake demanding too!

Lori said...

Ben is so spoiled. We got David a Tractor Sprinkler...thoughtful I know. Nothing like a sprinkler to say, "We love you Daddy".