Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smarty Pants

So the right thing to do as a parent is to teach your child things... right? But what happens when they take what seemed like a cute thing to do, and run with it? No, really, I'm asking... Fiona has developed a number of habits that I'd prefer not to continue. At least in public.

Case number 1: 'On your head' game.

We play a cute game that I imaginatively call 'putting stuff on your head'. Here's how it works... you put something on your head... a block, stuffed animal, lego container... whatever. Fiona giggles like crazy and takes it back off your head. Aww, cute.

Then Fiona learned that she can put stuff on her own head. So smart!! She likes to put the lego box on her head then play peekaboo... here's a video.

I know! Adorable!

But... then she started putting other things on her head... like the bowl her dinner was in...


Then she wants to cuddle, and before you kow it, I'm covered in food too.

Case 2: "Where's Fiona's belly button"

What began as a cute game of 'find your belly button' has evolved into a horrifying public peepshow. Fiona is now determined to prove that everyone else also has a belly button, and look, there it is, she found it. In addition to that, after she's pulled my shirt up, she likes to lay her head on my naked tummy and cuddle...

but sometimes she'll decide my tummy looks good enough to eat, and will start licking me, which more often than not turns into chomping on my sensitive tummy flesh. Weird, I know. And not appropriate public behaviour!!

Case 3: Banging on the keyboard.

Ben found some fun baby games online where things pop up and noises happen when you bang on the keyboard. Unfortunately now Fiona gravitates towards the keyboard whenever she sees it. We listen to music and dance a lot during the day, and as a result, many of our songs/folders in iTunes now have exciting new names...


Case 4: Cuddles.

Fiona loves Brodie. And Brodie loves Fiona. Fiona has recently learned how to give cuddles. But mostly she just gives them to Brodie. It's super cute, but I'm starting to feel bad for Brodie...

Then again, he can move significantly faster than her, so it would be easy for him to excuse himself if he'd had enough. I guess I'll just keep encouraging this one :-)

So there you have it. Too smart for hor own good. And for my good, and for the good of public decency. It's mostly quite adorable. The biting has to stop though, I'm starting to look like I've been mauled by a Tiger.


Tanya Cothran said...

Don't forget her amazing talent for climbing in and out of baskets and hitting the WONDERFUL "demo" button on the keyboard... good times :)

Louise said...

True... though her basket climbing days are over. Last night she fell out face first and bit her lip. I can't risk getting blood on any more of my shirts... ;-)

Cathy said...

She is adorable. You know the bucket on the head game reminds me of the movie Parenthood. Have you seen it? The kid keeps running around with a bucket on his head and runs into things.It is hilarious. Come over and I will show it to you! Hehehe.

Lori said...

Fiona is so cute and now she is smart. Hilary Clinton couldn't pull it off, I sense the first woman President in the making ;)