Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fingerpainting adventure

On Wednesday Fiona had her 12 month checkup.  She weighs exactly 20lbs (32nd percentile) and is 29 inches tall (47th percentile). Her gigantic noggin is 44.8cm in circumference (42nd percentile). She has had three UTI's now, so the doctor used a catheter to take another urine sample to make sure the antibiotics are clearing them up properly, and I guess she's so used to it (this was her 5th catheterization) that she didn't even seem to care. The immunizations were more cry-worthy, but she recovered from that surprise as soon as she spotted my cell phone. She did great, and was rewarded by the doctor with a new book full of pictures of messy baby faces, which she laughed at for quite some time. 

She's started to think pictures of other babies  are hilarious. It's really cute!

According the the 'developmental milestones checklist' that the doctor gave me, around this time she should start responding to the word 'no'. Well, being the smarty-pants that she is, she already does! Unfortunately her response is to laugh in my face. This afternoon she had something I needed (like my credit card) and was doing something bad with it(like trying to insert it into Brodie's ear) and I said 'no' and tried to take it. She held it out of my reach and laughed at me. Iwonder how long that will last... oh, right... forever. Sigh.

Earlier that day she had made quite a mess on herself with her lunch. I decided that I couldn't take her to the doctor with so much food plastered all over her, and she'd need a bath and a change of clothes, so I figured simce those had to happen anyway, what better time to do some finger painting!

Fiona LOVES to put her hands in her food and smear it all over the place, so finger painting was right up her alley.

And only a very small amount of paint accidentally went in her mouth! 

Here is her finished masterpiece:

What talent! :-)

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Cathy said...

Big day for the Fiona! Love the artwork. We need some artwork from her early years over here too:)