Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fiona's Birthday Party

Fiona's official birthday is Sunday, but tonight was best for everyone to get together to celebrate, so we did!

Dinner was a collaborative effort... Cathy brought delicious homemade hummus and mini roll-up sandwiches for appetizers, Ginger brought a salad and yummy cupcakes, Ben stopped for pizza on his way home, and I went to the store and bought frozen garlic bread and claimed my free first birthday cake! Thank you all for your awesome dinner additions! 

Fiona got to try a few of these things for the first time...


Garlic Bread (she has had this before, but only a nibble)


She didn't look too impressed with her birthday cake, but the rest of us enjoyed it. 

YAY Birthday food! 

Fiona was super excited to get to open some presents. Cathy, Erik, and the kiddos gave her this gumball toy... it has rattly balls that pop out the bottom when you press a button. 

Grandma and Grandpa gave her some finger paints, clothes, and her very own purse full of exciting things to find. One of the things Fiona loves about when Grandma visits is searching through her purse and pulling out all of her things. Well, unfortunately the decoy purse didn't convince her, and she spent a large portion of the evening searching through Grandma's purse and pulling out all of her things!

I think Fiona's favourite part of the party was riding around the garden on her little car with her big cousin Emily. 

Emily, Ryan and Andrew passed this car onto Fiona since they are all too big for it now, and she was so happy and excited! Emily is great at taking care of and playing with Fiona, and we're so glad they get to be friends (and we'll be even gladder when she can drive over here and babysit ;-) 

Even Brodie was excited about the party, and Fiona was excited about Brodie too!

Thanks for celebrating Fiona's first birthday with us! And huge thanks to Cathy for taking these awesome pictures!!


Cathy said...

Such a cute little girl and such a fun day!

Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

Happy Birthday Fiona!

(My word verification for this comment is "adoll", how appropriate!)

Grandpa said...

It was a delightful party! Thanks for having it at a time when we could all be there. Fiona looked even cuter than usual, in her party dress and new hairdo.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Tanya Cothran said...

Happy Birthday Fiona!! She looks SO CUTE in her pretty birthday polka-dot outfit! It's a good thing she had such an adorable designated party dress. I love the picture of her with the cupcake - so many happy food adventures to come.

See you soon!