Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scottish Fair Adventure

Yesterday we got together with Ben's family and went to the Minnesota Scottish fair. We were there two years ago and it was really hot, but this time it was mostly cold and windy with some scary looking rain clouds... very Scottish! Occasionally the sun would peek out and people would emerge from the tents and soak up the warmth.  Fiona wore her wooly hat, and she seemed happy enough.

We ran out of camera space and only managed to take a few pictures, so for a more detailed account of the day, go to Cathy's Blog

At the fair there are places selling "Scottish" food, and lots of different tents with kilts and tea towels and artworks and pottery to buy. There are also sheep herding demonstrations, highland dancing competitions, pipe bands, and Highland Games. I've never been to the Highland Games in Scotland, so it was fun to see the caber toss in person. 

Sheep herding

I think my favourite part was the Highland Cows. When I was little and we went on holiday, seeing Highland Cows would be very exciting, and each year I'd hope that we'd see some. 

Fiona liked the cows too. She likes anything with fur that she can hang onto, so it didn't seem like a good idea to get close enough for her to touch one. 

It was a fun day! Ben and I even overheard some real Scottish people talking! Ben said it was exciting because he hadn't heard a real Scottish accent since he last visited Aberdeen. I need to watch some Billy Connolly and start working on that!

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