Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fiona's newest tricks

Every day it seems like Fiona is more and more of a little girl and less and less of a baby...

First, I had to give her a haircut. She has lovely curly hair, but it was too long in the front, so she always looked like she had just rolled out of bed...

(She likes to climb up on Brodie's pillow and smack him lovingly)

It looks neater now, though possibly a little squint and slightly too short... between Fiona squirming all over the place and Ben freaking out that I was about to stab her in the eye with the scissors it was tricky to cut straight! I only cut the fringe though, so overall she still has cute curly baby hair.

She's also started to give cuddles and kisses. If you ask her to 'cuddle monkey' she'll give her monkey toy an enormous hug, but she won't really do the same to humans. However, she'll give kisses to anyone who puckers up if she's in the right mood. Sometimes she misses and it turns into a headbutt, but it's still very endearing. She also loves when I give kisses to her monkey toy, for some reason she thinks that's hilarious.

She is cutting tooth number 14 right now... Only 6 to go. As you can see from this diagram she's quite the tooth growing overachiever! (The red dots are teeth she has.)

Last week we discovered that she'll eat almost anything if you give it to her on a fork and give her a pile of ketchup (or the appropriate condiment) to dip it in. She truly is her father's daughter.

The biggest one though is that she loves to walk around. She won't walk alone, she insists on holding someone's hand (she takes a few steps here and there if you trick her into it) but if you're willing to walk where ever she wants to go at a snail's pace, she will be your friend for life. Last week Ben and I took her and Brodie on a short walk to the convenience store for milk (and an emergency twix) and she walked for almost two blocks. I had a cute video, but blogger is refusing to upload it. I'm currently trying to upload it to our flickr page instead.

Maybe in the next couple of months she'll be walking on her own... and then she will officially be a toddler. Awww.


Anonymous said...

Free parenting tip of the day:

The sooner kids start walking the sooner they start walking all over you, the authority figure. Crawling, on the other hand, promotes a more humble character. When you find your child attempting to stand or walk, place your hand on their head (preferably over the face), and give him/her a gentle downward push. Repeat as necessary until the child reaches adulthood.

Louise said...

Nice advice... sounds familiar though... Mum, is that you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

This free parenting advice comes to you via the Nashville-based Committee Righteously Against Walking and Libraries. As our name suggests, we also have many great tips on how to prevent childhood literacy.

Mum said...

No - not me this time. I am not against walking, but I do not think children should be encouraged to talk - because they immediately start to answer back!

Louise said...

Anonymous - I'm glad there's an organization out there helping the world in such a positive way. Thanks!

Mum - I'll keep that in mind. Though I'm pretty sure Fiona was trying to say "Granny" today - at least she was pointing at a picture of you when she said something that sounded a lot like it - and it was really adorable!