Friday, August 28, 2009

Fiona and Mama visit the doctor

Thursday was an exciting day - both Fiona and I had checkups. Fiona's was second, but we'll cover her first because she's cuter... see?

Fiona is now 15 months old, and weighs 21lb, 9oz (29th %). She is 30 1/2 inches tall (52nd %). Her noggin is more in proportion with her height now, and is 45.8cm in circumference (47th %). So she hasn't grown much in the last three months, but that's normal given that she's a lot more mobile than she was and some days refuses to eat anything but yogurt. She also got 3 shots, one of which was for flu, which aches for days (for me anyway) and she's had a fever and been in a horrible mood all day today, so I'm going to assume that means they're working ;-)

Other than that she's healthy and developing just right and we're happy we have made it this far without ruining her. Yay! :-) And see how happy she is?

Fiona thought my appointment was much more entertaining than hers... she thought it was very interesting when the doctor got to inspect my tummy (because normally that's Fiona's job). We're pleased to report that at 16 weeks everything is still going great, and apparently I'm 'gaining weight nicely'. Thanks twixes!

Michelle and Amanda keep asking for 'bump' pictures, so here's one for you guys showcasing all those twixes... :-)

We're looking forward to the next appointment in 4 weeks where we'll (hopefully) find out which variety of baby we're having. If you'd like to guess the variety, take the poll on the right hand side!


Lori said...

I'm going to guess that the essence of your baby will fall into the male category ;)

Louise said...

Hi Lori! I thought it would be fun to have guesses, so take my poll :-)

Michelle said...

Thank you for the 'bump' picture! Keep 'em coming!

david said...

Ha ha, Fat Lou!