Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That doesn't make any sense! #1

Often, I find myself bamboozled by the world. Things happen, and I just don't understand how someone could think this was a good idea. So this will be the first post in my 'that doesn't make any sense!' series.

So babies don't stay the same size for long. Recently Fiona has grown, and no longer fits into most of her pyjamas, or her sleep bags. I love the sleep bags. They keep her warm without me worrying about her getting tangled up in a blanket.

So last week we got all bundled up, and ventured out on the train to the mall to buy some bigger pyjamas and bags. 

We got to the shop that sells them, and the extra helpful sales assistant asked if he could help us. I told him I needed 9 month plus sized sleep bags. He informed me that they only make them in size 0-9 months. So, what, babies older than that don't get cold? Ok... so where are the fleece pyjamas?

This is where it gets nonsensical. He tells me... all the fleece ones are on clearance in the back. Ok... initially, I was happy with this... I LOVE a bargain. But, there were no 9 month or more sized pyjamas. None. Not a single one. 

Enter sales assistant. "Did you find everything you were looking for?"
Me: "Well, no... are these really all the fleece pyjamas you have?"
Sales assistant: "Yes... we had to make room for our spring stock, and they get picked over pretty fast"

Ok, hold up. What? It's spring? I'm sorry, I must be confused. How is it spring? It's the middle of January! It literally hasn't been above freezing ALL MONTH! If it doen't hit 32F (0C) by Saturday it will officially be the second month in HISTORY to not be above freezing all month. And you're telling me it's SPRING?! No wonder they're picked over, we're living in a frozen tundra and you're only selling lightweight cotton pyjamas! THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Of course, I am not very confrontational, and only thought these words. Out loud I said "mumble mumble january ok, thanks..." I'm a wussie. 

Here is a picture of what Fiona wears to leave the house at the moment. Except this month, she's also been wearing a hat, mittens, booties, and two blankets.

This trend was repeated in shop after shop. I found swimsuits, sandals, sundresses, shorts (I guess spring/summer clothes to be alliterative) but very few clothes appropriate for the 3-4 months of winter that we have left. I managed to find some fleece pyjamas on sale here and there, but really. Come on. Spring. 

I really should probably be buying summer stuff now, because by the time summer actually arrives, they'll probably only be selling fleece pyjamas.


Cathy said...

I so agree..I had a similar experience at my second home..Target. It was funny. When I was in Southern Cal. we went to Target to pick up some stuff. They had section after section of warm winter coats. Why?

Tanya Cothran said...

"No wonder they're picked over, we're living in a frozen tundra and you're only selling lightweight cotton pyjamas!" Amen sister! I went to the mall last weekend and saw all the bathing suits in every store. I felt like they were mocking me...