Monday, January 26, 2009

We have a scooter!

Fiona has been working really hard recently. She's been lying on her tummy, waving her arms and legs like she's flying. This does not get her far. Then she gets angry and screams at me. Yesterday, she finally achieved some level of coordination and scooted herself forward a few feet. She must have practiced in her dreams, because by today she had almost perfected what I will call "the caterpillar".  

She needs to feel like it's worth the effort to do this though... you need to entice her across the floor with an attractive offering. Her toys don't usually cut it. She wants the cell phone. She doesn't love anything as much as she loves my cell phone. In the video, I move the phone half way through, which is why she stops and changes direction.

I should probably start baby-proofing soon.

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