Friday, January 30, 2009


Today Ben had a day off work, so the three of us met up with Cathy, Ryan, Emily, Andrew, and their friend Ethan to go swimming at the Y, where Cathy works. Fiona loves to splash around in the water and float on her back. 

Fiona is particularly fascinated with Ryan's goggles. It's very funny to watch. She examines them closely, then slowly reaches out and touches them. Before long she's pulling on them and Ryan is in danger of losing an eye!

Credit goes to Aunty Cathy for the pictures!

Fiona and Daddy

Ryan and Andrew

Fiona loves to splash. Occasionally she gets too excited and splashes herself. She doesn't like that so much.

But mostly she just had lots of fun!

Emily, Ben, Fiona, and Ryan

Thanks for the fun time you guys! Next time we'll have to try to sneak Brodie in... he'd love it!

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Cathy said...

You would have to buy Brodie a Speedo. That would be so funny. Good times today. Thanks for coming!