Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ben's Movie Room

Since before we even moved into our house, Ben has always talked about how much he would love to have a movie room. His plan was to have a big screen and projector, and a good (read - LOUD) sound system. This was always one of those may or may not plans, until Fiona was born.

As it turns out, waking a baby with a movie explosion is not a good idea. Baby gets upset. Movie gets paused. Louise deals with baby. Louise gets upset. Not a good situation. Since Fiona was born, Ben has been 'managing the remote' which involves predicting when the movie is about to get loud, and reducing the volume accordingly. This drives Ben crazy. Ben gets upset. Not a good situation. We've been avoiding movies and only quietly watching reality t.v. for months. Something had to change.

So the movie room plan was hatched. 

For the last month, Ben and his Dad have been building walls to make a movie room in the basement, and it is going really well! (No, of course I am not surprised. I had the utmost confidence.)

This is how the basement looked before we moved in:

This is my version of the plan for the renovation (to help the next pictures make sense). The red lines are the walls that are being added. The blue things are doors. Yes, I took art class in school. Yes, I passed. Thanks.

These are a selection of pictures illustrating the basement progress so far..

Removing the wood under the stairs to put up a wall. 

The frame for the new wall:

The other framing:

So it's really coming along! The heating man is coming tomorrow to put heat in the room, and then it will be much more habitable! Stay tuned for updates!

And of course, Ben being Ben, he has already purchased the electronics required for the ultimate movie system. We're just waiting on tenderhooks for the projector to arrive. No walls, no heat, no problem. We've got a really big screen.

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Cathy said...

Hooray for heat! Have you guys selected the official first movie you are going to show? I mean when the room is actually done...I know that there will be movies before the walls are up. I am related to that crazy side of the family. I know how it works.