Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long Overdue

One of the good things about my "blog a day" month was that nothing accumulated, and I was able to keep up with the events in our lives without many exciting things piling up. One of the bad things was that I didn't end up getting much else done in the evenings during that month because I really only have about an hour of free time in the evening. And now I'm back to where I was before, with hundreds of unsorted photos and many events that should make it into the record book, but I did crochet a blanket and a half instead so all is not lost!

That said, I'm just going to dive in and post some of my favorite pictures and events from the last however long it has been.

The sun arrived and we were able to start playing and eating (and drinking white wine in the sun) outside!

Father's Day! Ben decided we'd been to Fuddrucker's too recently to go again for Father's Day, as is the tradition, so we went to Outback instead so he could have the ball of deep fried onion he's been thinking about for weeks that I kept refusing to share with him. I know, I'm cruel. He made sure to wear his Father's Day shirt, so there's that at least.

We had a nice time, and added another photo to the Father's day series.





We went to the Zoo a few times and discovered this thing...

Took the train to the "big city" and went on a fountain tour...

Adele discovered sand...

Adopted a baby...
(This is a terrible picture, but she really fell in love with babies recently and I can't find a better one)

And started to insist on feeding herself... with some success and an enormous amount of mess.

She will also sign "more" if she REALLY wants something. Like milkshake. She has about 15 words now, but still mostly communicates with grunting and pointing.

Fiona found a lot of caterpillars and she and a friend collected some of them up in a bucket...

Yeah, that's a lot of caterpillars!

She was very excited about all her new "friends". This next video comes in two parts. There's a gap because she falls over and needs to be rescued, then finds another "friend" who wants to join her on the slide.

We did some other stuff too, but it's time for bed and this is long enough, so I'll leave you with this link to my sisterinlaw Cathy's blog. We did this today, and the girls had so much fun. Fiona loves hanging with her cousin Emily and the big girls, and it turns out Adele is part fish, so we all had a lovely time.


Lori said...

I've been wondering lately if your girls could get cuter...thanks for verifying that they DEFINITELY can get cuter :)

Robbie said...

my favourate part is that Adele has yogart on her eyelashes :)