Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Tasks, episode one: Adele's Curtains

I've been pretty busy at work during the last few months, but over the summer I only work 10 hours a week instead of 20, and the girls go to daycare for the usual 15 which, in theory, should leave me for some time to do tasks around the house. It's been "summer" for a couple of weeks now, and the only tasks I've accomplished are getting caught up on episodes of Bones so this week I really kicked it into gear and made a LIST. Yep, a list of all the things I'd like to get done over the next few months. Then Ben went and added some killjoy items like blah blah taxes. Whatever. I started with the most fun - curtains!

When Fiona was on the way I planned her room and got window thingies and made it all cute. However, when she was born we found that she would only sleep in near total darkness and for 3 years we've had sheets over her cute window thingies to block out the light.

"Behold... "

With Adele I made significantly less effort (her room still functions as the guest room) but did also include the classy "sheets over the windows" technique. I have been planning for some time to solve these two issues, so I put them both on the list.

A year or so ago I got heavy blue curtains from Ikea. Ikea curtains are good because they are really long and therefore can be hemmed to fit the vast majority of windows. 3 months ago I finally got curtain rods, and this week it all came together in a grand window treatment-stravaganza. Fiona's room is getting blackout roller blinds behind her cute curtains, so all I'm attempting today are the curtains for Adele's room.

First, I made soup. Hopefully you have figured out by now that I have issues with procrastination.

Second, I checked facebook. Nothing was going on that needed to be dealt with imminently.

Third, I looked for the drill. Couldn't find the drill. Called Ben to ask where the drill was. Phone rang twice, then he SENT ME TO VOICEMAIL. Rude.

Fourth, found the drill. Located drill bits. Found screwdriver. Sniggered at screwdriver case...

HA. Nineway. That's an evening to remember.

Tried to read the world's smallest directions. Felt like an old lady for having trouble reading something so tiny.

Fifth, blah blah measured, marked holes, la de da. Tried 5 increasing sizes of drill bit before getting to the one big enough to put a hole in the wall just the right size for the rawlplug (um... translation: that plastic thingy you use to hold the screw in so it stays in the drywall). Pounded those puppies in. Screwed in screws, brackets, etc. PERFECT.

Sixth, had to drill two more holes for second bracket. Yes, we're still on window one of two. In my innocence I assumed the drill bit I finally used for the first two holes would be the right one for the next two holes, given that the hardware was IDENTICAL but I was mistaken, and the next two were somehow way too big. GAAAAAAAAAAH.

Seventh, have a BIG FREAKING DRINK. Yes, it's 11am. I'm tired of this nonsense.

Eighth, admit that what I need are new, smaller holes. Feel ashamed. Ben will not like coming home to find 3 extra holes in the wall (yeah, there's a 3rd one in there. I forget why, but it seemed like it might help at the time).

The second window went much more smoothly, and I even managed to make the curtains the right length. Ikea curtains come with hemming tape because they are so long. In the last 3 months I managed to lose the hemming tape that was included, but luckily, being the rock star seamstress that I am, I had some already!

I got both curtains "hemmed" and up and felt like I could take on the world! Curtains... CHECK! Now to figure out how to patch up the wall... I guess I should add that to the list too.


Kate said...

My real question is about the nineway with 10 pieces... how does that work? Oh wait, now I get what that third hole was for!

The Fat Mess said...

Don't worry about it. The curtains will hide the extra holes

Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

Don't feel bad, there are 6 extra holes in Fletch's room caused by a curtain catastrophe. Hanging curtain rods in our place is like russian roulette.

Anonymous said...

I love Hamer adventures :) Michelle

Mum said...

Well done Louise - at least your curtains are up!

C. L. Hanson said...

I completely relate.

I always have to make a list of household tasks, too (and even then it can be a challenge to get around to doing them). Also, my walls have a number of erroneous holes due to this same sort of adventure.

Louise said...

Thanks everyone! I feel like less of a failure now :-)