Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another catch up.

Well, more weeks have gone by and I'm behind on the news again. Part of my problem is that I'm too easily distracted. I sat down tonight to write this and instead ended up reading this funny thing first. There is never a shortage of funny things to read on the internets. In fact, I just went looking for another funny thing as an illustration, and I kept finding more funny things and had to stop because I need to just get this done!

Anyway, since last time we had the 4th of July, which was fun. The weekend began with an emergency visit to the vet to see if the cat food can Brodie ate 2 weeks earlier was lodged somewhere unpleasant because he was not eating and was having some pretty horrifying digestive issues. Luckily it was not, and he's much better now.

On Saturday we joined some friends on their camping trip and had a lovely time with them. Fiona and Ben would like to go camping, but I am afraid of bears* and being stuck with two children who refuse to go to sleep, so I've been the naysayer so far. We had a really lovely time though, and plan to camp for real in a tent or some kind of rustic structure some time soon.

* I'm kidding. Mostly...

Fiona has discovered a serious love of hammocks!

We spent the 4th with Ben's family swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's house and then went to Cathy and Erik's house to eat food cooked on a grill, as is the tradition, and had a nice time hanging out with everyone.

We had some fun playdates including this awesome concert that we went to. Fiona had fun dancing around!

We had a really lovely day swimming and playing at the park, and a fun playdate today. I feel so lucky that the girls have friends that they've known for pretty much as long as they can remember and they have parents that are so awesome. I hope we are able to keep in touch and keep hanging out as they all get older.

Fiona and Adele went to their cousin Andrew's birthday party. He was 8 this year which means that it's been 8 years (as of the 4th of July) since Ben and I met. Crazy. His party was at the same bouncy castle place as last year, though this year Fiona was super excited to get right in there and play. Here she is sliding with Emily.

Next week we're heading to Utah for Ben's sister's wedding, and hopefully I'll post some exciting stories about what we're doing out there sooner rather than later.

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Tanya Cothran said...

The picture in the hammock is so cute I could almost die!!