Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Today we had a nice Mother's day together. I got to sleep in this morning until after 9am, and it was wonderful! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then I got to open some presents!

Ben gave me this gorgeous bunch of irises - my favorite flower.

And a CD of The Lonely Island - a band that is often on Saturday Night Live. According to NPR they are "the hottest thing in fake hip hop". They sing really entertaining songs that are not the least bit family friendly and I definitely can't listen to it with Fiona in the car. They are so funny, and one of the guys who sings with them - Andy Samberg - is also an SNL cast member. I kind of have a giant crush on Andy Samberg, and luckily Ben felt that it was unlikely enough that I'd actually meet and manage to seduce him to to give me this...

Oh yes. Your eyes do not deceive you. That's a framed picture. Best. Gift. Ever.

As a side note, I asked Fiona on Friday if Daddy had got me a present and she told me that he had, and it was chocolate cake. Turns out he was scrambling this morning to find something, so she totally covered for him.

We went for lunch together at El Loro Mexican Restaurant. I had a Mother's Day Margarita. It may or may not have been before noon. I really can't say. It was delicious.

That afternoon we went over to Ben's parents house to hang out with his family. The ice is finally melted on the lake, Bill built beautiful new railings on the deck, they had the yard landscaped and it is looking gorgeous. I'm looking forward to when it's a little warmer and we can hang out out there.

We had dinner together and hung out until Fiona and Adele were tired. Fiona fell asleep in the car and we were able to pop her straight into bed. I hereby retract my previous statement about the Andy Samberg photo. Being able to avoid the 30-45 minute bedtime routine and get Fiona straight into bed is the best gift ever! Sorry Andy...

It was a lovely day, but the best part of all is really not the flowers or the CD or getting Fiona to bed with minimal fuss - it's the reason that each of those things were a part of my day. It's this girl, who amazes me every day with how smart and funny she is:

And it's this girl who is growing into a sweet little thing who is easygoing and cuddly and has a goofy sense of humor:

My sweet girls :-)

Happy Mother's Day to Me!


Robbie said...


Sorry, too early, plus you got me into trouble, both Mum and Raiya decided that they needed flowers...

Love Robbie

Michelle said...

Love your posts! Happy Mother's Day =)

Lori said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Your girls are absolutely adorable, and well worth celebrating for :)

Mum said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day - Happy Mother's Day Margaritas are the best! I love the irises as well - but I'm not at all sure about the photo!