Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fiona and the worms

Recently Fiona has been really interested in all things creepy and crawly. She gets super excited to find spiders in the house, and when we spot ants on the sidewalk she crouches down to watch them and says "ooohhhhh, cuuuuuute". I'm happy she likes bugs in general, and luckily she also has some sense and DOES NOT like centipedes. She doesn't freak out when she sees them (unless she's screaming on the inside and trying not to panic like I am) but she says they are yucky and gross. And they are.

Anyway, yesterday I was doing some dandelion eradicating (more on that later) and found some worms for her to see. She was very happy and excited about this and wanted to hold them. Here are some videos that I hope you enjoy as much as I do :-)

(Yes, I know they are sideways. Yes, it's possible I will NEVER remember that the camera needs to be horizontal.)

In the second video she's singing "sleeeeep in my hand, sleeeep in my hand". And later the worm did indeed sleep in her hand. If you're using "sleep" as a euphemism for "squished to death by an overenthusiastic toddler". Note to self: only let her hold big fat worms, they seem to be more resilient to her love. Poor little worm.

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Lori said...

A cute girl who loves nature :)