Friday, November 13, 2009

Help us choose a name for baby 2!

So you all know that Fiona's name was a secret before she was born. We thought we'd do the same with baby 2, but it is proving much more difficult to find the perfect name than we thought it would be. So we thought you might like to share your thoughts...

Please note, we might not choose the name that wins the vote, and we might not use any of these names, but we'd still like your input ;-)

Here are your options:

1. Ailsa

Pros: Scottish (like Fiona). Unique, particularly here. Sounds pretty.

Cons: Unique! Quite likely that people will constantly think her name is Elsa.

2. Claire

Pros: Pretty. Familiar (no confusion here). Not currently super popular, so still will likely be the only one in her class.

Cons: Common over the years, so many Claires exist already.

3. Evelyn

Pros: Same as Claire. Also has really cute nickname (Evie)

Cons: A bit old-lady-ish

So what do you think? Vote in the poll on the right! And please feel free to leave us your thoughts, and any other suggestions you'd like to share!

Poll Issues: I've been having trouble with the poll. It has very limited options. If there is more than one person in your house who wants to vote for the same name and it won't let you, try re-opening the blog in a new browser. If that still doesn't work, just make a comment with your vote and we'll count you in! Thanks! :-)


Alison said...

EVELYN??? Seriously Lou, you can do better!! I voted for Ailsa, But Ailsa Alison Hamer still doesn't sound quite right... just a thought..... XXXX

Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

I voted for both Claire and Evelyn, but the more I think about it, the more I like Ailsa, although it will have to be spelled out to everyone in the United States. Any consideration of the alternate spelling "Elsa" with the nickname "Ellie"? Also, of the last two babies born to people where I worked, one was named Evelyn and one was named Claire.
All in all, you guys get to decide and whatever you come up with will be perfect.

Louise said...

Hi Ali - thanks for voting.

Ginger - I have the same problem! I like them all too! That's funny about the babies where you work! Of all the names in all the world... :-)

Shock said...

I love automatic nicknameable names (Fletch for example) so I voted for Evelyn.

Michelle said...

I tried to vote for Ailsa but it didn't seem to want to let me :( And I'm with Ginger, Elsa with the nickname Ellie is really nice too. I think Evie is pretty but Evelyn is maybe a little old lady-ish (sorry to any Evelyn's that may be reading this blog!)

Mum said...

I like both Ailsa and Claire but if you go for Evelyn, that's OK too! After all, I prefer to call Fiona Fi Fi Trixibelle, so I am sure that number 2 will also be given an obscure sub-title!

Robbie said...

We voted at work and decided that Ailsa was best. But again all are good, and most people will call the baby something random (like mums fi fi trixibelle)


Louise said...

Hi Shock - I love the nicknames too - Fiona has a whole bunch of them, so Evelyn would definitely be good for that!

Hi Michelle - that's weird that it didn't let you. their poll is not very good! Ellie is super cute too though, I like that!

Hi Mum! It'll be interesting to see what her nickname ends up being... as long as it doesn't involve cheese, I think she'll be ok.

Hi Robbie - thanks for the work vote! I agree, people will call her all kinds of things... maybe we should just go with Fiona's vote of 'Ba-ba-ba' :-)

Anonymous said...

Philip is still very keen on Augergine.....I think Claire is my favourite though I wouldn't have an "i" in it. Lucy likes Ailsa.

Louise said...

Hi Maureen! Thanks for voting! Although I do love Aubergine, I think it sounds a little masculine... if it were a boy, I'd seriously consider it ;-)