Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby 2 just can't wait...

Fiona has always been impatient... she does not like to be kept waiting. She'll yell at you if she thinks you're taking too long to get her her the drink she's demanding. Heck, she'll yell at you if she thinks you're taking too long to get water for the dog. She has no patience. In fact, in this picture (taken today at Thanksgiving dinner) she's probably saying 'I'm almost done chewing this bite, you'd better have another one ready for me!".

However, she's far and away more patient than her little sister... unfortunately on the 27th of November at about 3.30, my water broke at 29 weeks and 6 days of baby cooking. I'm writing this from the hospital where they have free wireless internet.

Here's the scoop... I'm on bedrest, and am only allowed to get up to use the bathroom. We're hoping to keep this baby cooking for 4 more weeks. 34 weeks is a milestone in terms of being able to eat and breathe without too much assistance, so fingers crossed for 4 weeks of bedhead.

I've been given medicine (steroids) to help mature baby's lungs. I get another dose tomorrow. No, I do not suddenly have awesome biceps.

I'm being given medicine (Magnesium Sulfate) to stop contractions hopefully until the steroids have a chance to work. After it has, they'll stop the magnesium and we'll see if I go into labour or not. If not, we wait. Quietly.

Babies born at 30 weeks onwards generally do very well. According to the doctor there is no real long term difference between a 30 week baby and a full term baby. Survival rates and long term issues are the same. The only difference is that a 30 week baby will need time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to learn how to breathe and eat. Once they learn that, they're good to go. Most babies get to go home around what would have been 38 weeks.

So there you go. Feel free to email me if you'd like more info, or if you'd like to chat about movies or books or the weather or that guy from Twilight. I'll hopefully be sitting right here, bored out of my brains :-)

And just in case you were feeling sorry for me that I missed out on Thanksgiving dinner, Ben brought me some in a box. And it was delicious. So don't worry, see?! :-)


Cathy said...

The Cathy entertainment is on its soon as I can breath! I will bring a movie or something to watch together. Lori and I want to come and visit too..perhaps a round or two of Quiddler? Start googling tricky 3 letter words:)

C. L. Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear that the long-term outlook is good! And that Cathy's there to help keep you entertained while you're parked in bed.

Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

I'll have to brain storm on ways to entertain you from long distance! Here's hoping the next 4 weeks fly by!

david said...

I'll come out and spend the next 4 weeks with you if you want. It'll be like a party!

Ali said...

I think you should have a long talk with baby 2 to convince her that its much better to be inside than out. Because it really is. Oh yeah, and as David says, if you want I will come and visit. Sadly, you'll have to pay.... XXX

Louise said...

Hi Cathy! Quiddler sounds great, though you'll have to start prepping Lori to get her past security...

Hi C.L. Yep, we're very hopeful!

Hi Mrs. C-S. Your super cute little guy is pretty entertaining! I love all the pics and videos of him (though your blog won't let me comment anymore for some reason)

Hi David! I appreciate the thought, but if hanging out in a hospital room with me is like a party then seriously dude, you need to get out more! ;-)

Hi Ali... tempting, but I know you're just trying to get out of uni ;-) Nice try! :-)