Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

Here is the latest installment in the 'Granny and Grandpa visit' series...

On Tuesday it rained. It was too wet to go out and too cold to play ball... but did we sit in the house? NO WAY! In the morning Fiona and I went to moving and grooving class, and Mum and Dad bravely walked to the light rail and went to the mall. They wanted to get some presents for people at home, and taking Fiona shopping is a little like taking a goat... well... shopping. It doesn't really work. After class Fiona took a nap, and then after lunch we all went out.

Dad likes to take photos of interesting stuff, and Mum likes to read about interesting stuff, and I like to go to places that are free, so we went to the Weisman Art Museum.

If you ever want to experience the ultimate rush, don't bother with skydiving or recreational drugs, just let a 16 month old toddler who will not sit in her stroller loose in a gallery filled with priceless, irreplaceable art... that'll do it!

After Fiona let off some steam, tested the acoustics of the various rooms, and spent a large portion of her time being restrained in this position...

... we went home.

On Wednesday it was sunny! In the morning we hung out, and Fiona took a nap. In the afternoon we took advantage of what will probably be one of the last lovely sunny days of the year and went to Lake Nokomis for a walk.

We got about 1/3 of the way round when Fiona had a tantrum about sitting in the stroller, and we spent some of the rest of the time trying to distract her with sticks and leaves and chocolate buttons before giving in and turning around, letting her walk most of the way back. This cheered her up, and she had a great time yelling excitedly at all the dogs that passed us by and pointing at random stuff.

In the evening we lent Fiona to Cathy and her babysitting team and had a lovely peaceful dinner with Ben's parents. When we got back she seemed really excited to see me, yelling 'Maaammy' before heading straight to Grandma Ginger, and refusing to so much as look as me. Oh well, at least I'm the lucky one who gets to comfort her at 5am ;-)

That's all for now... I'm sure more exciting adventures will follow in the next few days.


Lori said...

Never a dull moment when Fiona is around ;)

Erekson's said...

congrats on your baby girl coming that is so exciting! I love your cake idea, that is awesome! Can't wait to meet her