Saturday, October 17, 2009

More fish!

Mum and Dad left on Monday and since then I haven't had a chance to update with the adventures we had at the end of their visit... it would be nice to have a permanent live-in babysitter so I can do the things I got used to doing when they were here - like taking daily showers, frequent blog posts, and making dinner from ingredients!

On Saturday we attempted to take a walk downtown across the Stone Arch Bridge. Saturday was super cold, and for whatever reason Fiona decided to have a hysterical fit almost as soon as we got there, so we left Mum and Dad downtown to have their own adventure and we took her home instead. On Sunday Mum and Dad went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts while Ben and I did some grocery shopping. In the evening Bill and Ginger came over for dinner and I exhibited my "food made with real ingredients", which seemed to go over well :-)

On Monday we decided that there was just enough time to go to another fishy site - Underwater Adventures, the aquarium at the mall... if anyone is ever looking for a tour of all the fish and turtles in the Twin Cities, let me know, we went to them all!

Fiona had a great time with Granny, though she rushed through so fast that we decided to go round a second time... here are some of the highlights...

Fiona and Granny check out fish...

Giant ugly snouty turtle... (ok, according to the website this is "Brutus" the Alligator Snapping Turtle)



Fascinated with something...

This aquarium is a lot of fun because you walk through a tunnel for most of it that is surrounded by the water and fish so it feels like you're actually under the sea. Seeing the fish swimming above your head is really cool, and kind of weird!

After that Mum and Dad had to go home again. Sad! Thanks for coming, we had LOTS of fun! Come back soon!!


C. L. Hanson said...

We went to that aquarium too -- so cool!

We liked the one in Boston. Also the one in La Rochelle. Not sure if that helps... ;^)

Grandma said...

If you're looking for more fish, the Cabela's store in Owatana (45 min. south of Mpls) has several really big aquariums I think Fiona would like.
By the way, she looks so grown up in this picture.
And by the way (2) the dinner with ingredients was definitely a repeater.

Louise said...

Hi C.L., Thanks for the tips! I'll add those two to the list for the next time we're in Boston or France. Maybe one day we'll have visited all the aquariums in the world! ;-) We might go the the one in Chicago next weekend, I'm excited!

Hi Grandma! Good to know! Maybe we'll head out there some day this winter. And yes, I can't believe how grown up she suddenly is!