Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Minnesota Zoo

On Monday Fiona and I took Granny and Grandpa to Minnesota Zoo. It was a good thing we went yesterday because today the rain is pouring down again.

Fiona, as you have probably gathered, is a huge fan of animals, fish, and all creatures in between. MN Zoo is her idea of heaven! First we walked through the cold Russian area where we saw Otters frolicking, and some very sleepy bears.

Here's a video...

From there we walked round the long trail past the tigers and all the woodsy creatures. Fiona was very entertained by the Prairie Dogs, which would pop their heads up every so often and squeak.

After that we toured the farm, and Fiona got up close and personal with a Goat. The farm animals are used to being handled by children (unlike the Tigers, or the Komodo Dragon, for instance) so they get right up in your face, and Fiona found this to be quite frightening! After the goat made her cry, we moved on, and saw some sweet little bunnies and other less threatening creatures.

Next we took the Minnesota trail, which is where you will find animals native to Minnesota such as Beavers, Coyotes and Wolverines. Yes, Wolverines! And here I was thinking they were some kind of crazy vicious X-Men type animal... Wolverines are so cute!!

Then we headed to the Tropical area. This is Fiona's favourite part... they have Gibbons, which are always amusing, Warty Pigs, which Fiona LOVES for some reason...

And there's a huge tropical aquarium full of beautiful fish and sharks...

This part is more enclosed, so Fiona can run around more safely here, and enjoyed having Granny chase her from one thing to the next, and demanded to be lifted up so she could see things more clearly.

Fiona loved every second... Granny was tired by the end of the day ;-)

After that we spent some time in discovery bay, where there are other aquariums and you can see dolphins, sharks, and a giant turtle.

Then luckily there was nothing left to see because it was closing time and we were forced to go home. We had a lovely day, and Fiona and I have a Zoo membership now, so we can go back every day if we want to!


Cathy said...

Hooray for zoo memberships! Fiona looks like she had a great time.

Louise said...

Hi Cathy! She had a great time! We're excited to go with you again another time! Yay for unlimited Zoo visits and free parking :-)

david said...

I think Fiona wants a shark for a pet. I'll try and work out how to send one to her.