Monday, July 13, 2009

Ben's new hobby

Remember Ben's new love? Well, he's already replaced her with a newer, younger model. Her clutch was pretty obviously dying, and she needed a LOT of fuel to get from A to B, so he traded her for a new Honda Civic Si. As usual, his taste is impeccable - she is a beauty...

However, he decided that the constant quest to find an even better car, and the endless car replacement (and implied expense) needed to be toned down.

Thus, I hereby proudly present... BEN'S CAR BLOG! Go, look, it's awesome.

Hopefully this will be a way for him to channel some of his love of cars into something less expensive. He even signed a real live contract stating that he won't buy another car for 5 years. I just need to get a frame for it to hang it on the wall.

Of course I have the utmost faith in his abilities to control his car purchase urges. But just in case, if he caves, let's just say I won't have to wash the dishes for a long time.


Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

That contract had better have a bigger payoff than dishes--although I have to admit dishes are a good start!

Lori said...

So is the Car Blog something that Ben is actually in charge of? Or is it another mode of transportation for your humor?

Anonymous said...

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