Monday, July 27, 2009

12 Weeks

Today Ben, Fiona and I made the exciting trip to downtown Minneapolis to visit my baby doctor. Doctor visits are still exciting at this point because they're infrequent, and the only way to have real proof that yes, there's really a baby in there, I'm not just faking.

Today number 2 is 12 weeks and 1 day old. After some searching the doctor was able to find its heart beating with the doppler, but only for a couple of seconds before it squirmed away again. So it's still in there, and it's not very cooperative!

Here's a somewhat gruesome picture of what everything is looking like inside. Proof that the lovely round tummy I'm sporting is indirectly caused by baby, because even though baby is not that big yet, there used to be a bunch of stuff there, which had to go somewhere!

Later in the day I continued my effort to eat a healthy, balanced diet to adequately nourish the miracle within... we walked to the ice cream shop for dinner, which I followed up with a grilled cheese sandwich and potato chips for dessert. I boosted the health properties of the sandwich by using two kraft cheese slices. They're calci-yummy. I'm now getting ready to head to bed with my heartburn.

As for excitement to look forward to... we scheduled our big 'does the baby have all its limbs, and maybe even a tiny willy?' ultrasound... it will be September 24th. Don't touch that dial ;-)

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