Friday, July 10, 2009

Visit Part 2

David and Ali left on Thursday evening, and we had lots of fun in the second part of their visit too.

Ben took Tuesday off work, and we went to Chinese buffet for lunch. David and Ali like Chinese food a lot, and Fiona had a fun time screeching, eating cake, and crumbling fortune cookies onto the floor.

After that we headed over to the Summit Brewery to go on their tour. We leaned a lot about the history of Summit, and how beer is made, and then Davis and Ali toured the inner workings of the brewery. Fiona refused to wear the protective eyewear provided, so Ben and I kept her company while everyone else toured.

After the tour Summit gave everyone the gift of three free beer tokens! Despite our best efforts, we still had a pile left over when we were ready to leave. We considered trying to take them to bars and claiming our free beers later...

On Tuesday evening we partied at Bill and Ginger's house with cousins and second cousins. It was a lot of fun. Ben's cousin Josh and his family were passing though, and their son Max was born only one day before Fiona. It's fun to see them together, though he's toddling around and Fiona's still crawling. We gave her a pep-talk, but she still prefers to be carried.

She did learn a fancy new trick though... Fiona can now climb up onto the couch, and climb off again. We used to hide the TV remote on top of the back cushions, but now we'll have to find a new place...

Not only that, but she's also started saying 'hi'. She likes to pretend to answer the phone and say hi. She also holds other random stuff up to her ear and says hi... like a duplo block, or a ball, or a sticky yogurt container...

Here's a video showcasing both new talents!

On Wednesday we went to the mall, and then in the evening Ali, David and I went to see Cirque du Soleil's travelling Kooza show. Despite being terrified at some points that the performers were about to at least break some limbs if not fall to their death, it was really incredible and we had a great time! The most impressive part of the show was the 'wheel of death'

The guys inside walk and run round the wheels to stay upright (think hamsters) while the contraption spins round. Then the less mentally stable performer swings round to the outside of the ring, and performs various insanities such as jumping rope, running as fast as he can so he doesn't fall off, and generally leaping around like a loony...

It was very impressive, but completely terrifying!!

Then on Thursday we had a picnic at Minnehaha falls. There is almost no water in the river, so the falls are completely dry, and kind of sad looking!

The disappointment was softened later when a wild Turkey ran out in front of us. Very exciting!!

After that we headed home for packing and napping, then after a traditional American dinner of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (in a box). Despite this dish being a staple for children all across the country, Fiona flatly refused to so much as taste it... maybe it was the glowing orange tones that put her off...

Later, we packed David and Ali off to the airport and waved goodbye. We were all sad to see them go, but we had a super fun time with them!! Thanks for visiting! Who'd like to visit next?