Sunday, September 4, 2011

Granny Love!

We picked up Granny and Grandpa (my parents) from the airport on Friday afternoon and Fiona was SUPER excited to see them!

One thing we're trying this time is having Adele share Fiona's room with her. Fiona is doing a really great job and is being super quiet when she goes to bed and gets up in the morning. Adele is sleeping even more horribly than usual, but has been getting progressively better since the first night so I'm hopeful that soon she'll be back to just sleeping badly rather than horribly. We moved the crib in there to see if she'd sleep better in her own bed and since that involves taking it almost completely apart then reassembling it, it's a pretty permanent move! Fingers crossed!

Fiona has been very happy to sit by (and on) Granny and spend time with her. Here she is working on her crochet while Granny knits...

Adele has also been happy to see Granny and was enjoying reading stories with her today...

So far we have been to the wood lake nature center, tavern on france, target, hiawatha park and minnehaha falls. We're having lots of fun and looking forward to a whole week of adventures!

** Edited to add - we're all very happy to see Grandpa too, just in a less demonstrative way ;-)

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Kate said...

Yay! Fiona is going to be making baby shower gifts in no time. :) Have fun with granny and grandpa!