Sunday, July 24, 2011

The second installment of our action packed trip to the UT!

If you missed the first installment you can check it out here!

Some of us woke up bright and early on Thursday morning, and the rest of us pried our eyelids open with a groan because wouldn't you guess it, no one under five likes to sleep at night on vacation. Grrr.

Still, morning it was and going we were getting! We packed up and headed out to see some mountains! First stop was Bridal Veil Falls. According to my source of all information, Wikipedia, Bridal Veil Falls is a 607-foot-tall double cataract waterfall in the south end of Provo Canyon in Utah. I love waterfalls, and this one was very impressive!

We settled by the little lake at the bottom of the falls and ate our picnic lunch.

Then the bravest among us paddled around in the lake. I say bravest because although it was a hot day, the water in there was absolutely FREEZING. I guess the water comes from snow melting on the mountain because it was so cold that you could only have your feet in it for a few seconds before feeling intense pain. If you're an adult, anyway. The kids that were splashing around in it didn't seem that concerned.

Fiona was reluctant to have her toes in for very long...

The Tennant kids endured the icy waters to have a photo-op on the falls.

And Adele took a nap for the most part. Yep, not sleeping at night really tuckers you out during the day!

Our next stop was Sundance! Yep, like the film festival. Apparently Sundance is owned by Robert Redford and is primarily a ski resort, but also has the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Institute. Sundance is on Mount Timpanogos, which is 11,749 feet high, and the resort has a restaurant at 8,250 feet. In the summer the chairlifts are open for people to ride on to see the view from higher up, so that's what we did! Check out this link (yes, it's wikipedia again) to see some panoramas of the view and the mountain. The lift takes you up to 7,100 feet and although there is a lot of mountain left further up, the views from there are spectacular.

The ride up was a little nerve wracking, but the ride back down was very pleasant after Adele stopped screaming and went to sleep. Sorry, other chairlift riders...

(Credit to Cathy for that photo, stolen from her blog.)

We finished the day with delicious ice cream from an ice cream place that Cathy and Erik would eat at when they were in school at BYU. We were lucky to have our very own live in tour guide for this trip who took us to such awesome places! Thanks Cathy!

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