Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fiona eats hummus and learns a new dance move

This week the weather has been very Aberdonian. Some would describe it as dreich. We haven't been out much. We've been doing things like going though Ben's drawers and throwing out all his t-shirts, and hoovering the house. Fun. 

We have had some fun times too though. Recently, Fiona has been much more excited about eating things with flavour. I usually give her some of what I'm having, and she ate half of my extra tasty salmon burger (made by Grandma) on Sunday. At the farmer's market we also got some homemade hummus, so when Fiona woke up from her afternoon nap yesterday, I thought we'd have that for a snack. This is some pungent hummus! It's got enough garlic and pepper in it to really clean out your sinuses, and she LOVED it. I took a very cute video, but despite Ben's constant reminders that the camera needs to be horizontal, I turned it vertical resulting in a sideways video. Rather than give you neck pain trying to watch it, here are a couple of cute photos. 

Concentrating hard on getting it in her mouth.

YAY! Hummus!

Very successful snack. It's exciting that she's eating more and more 'grown up' foods, but I was a little sad about it this morning when she guilted me into sharing my blueberry muffin. 

Today Fiona also expanded her repertoire of awesome dance moves... in addition to the 'bounce up and down' she now also incorporates the 'head shake' and 'body sway' for variety. The song is the same as before because it's her favourite dancing song. Enjoy...


Cathy said...

She is so cute! I love the moves. We will have to do some dancing on Sunday night.

Louise said...

Sounds like a good plan! Hopefully dancing will tire her out enough to go to bed for you! (Good luck with that, by the way ;-)

Mum said...

What a lovely baby! She dances just like her Grandpa!

Louise said...

HA! You're right, she does! Awww.