Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring = Yard Work

Since October last year we've had a giant pile of leaves sitting in our back yard... they were raked, but never quite made it into bags. Since then, more leaves fell, as did tons of nobbly offerings from our neighbour's tree, which we are so lucky to have half of hanging over our yard. During the winter we cleared out our basement, and some of the old shelves and junk took up residence outside. Combined with six months of accumulated dog poo, all we needed was a car on cinderblocks to complete the picture. It looked bad.

Last week the sun came out, and I was wishing that Fiona could feel the warm grass between her little toes, but sadly you could barely see the grass under the... well... you know. So this weekend Ben and I decided to tackle the mess. 

Fiona was hungry, so Ben fed her lunch while I raked the leaves. This is her 'no thanks, I'm done' face.

Here I am... working so hard! See how much better the first half looks! During my excavation I found all kinds of things like old lost bones and rarely seen white dog poo. Exciting!

Here's Ben picking up the leaves. You can see where the pile used to be.

I even managed to decipher the heiroglyphics included with the play set that Ben's coworker donated to us and I built a little swing and slide for Fiona. And here's the finished product in our newly tidy back yard!

It looks much better. The only downside is that despite it only being April, my freakishly pale Scottish skin managed to soak up enough sun for a toasty sunburn. Time to break our the factor 45!


Cathy said...

I cannot wait to see Fiona on that play set. I didn't know that white dog poo was rare. I would have enjoyed the novelty of if more during our get ready for spring yard pick up.

Tanya Cothran said...

Now that your yard is all clean it's definitely time for a BBQ! Oh, I just got sad because I remembered that your grill broke... well, we'll have to BBQ at our house soon then! (Veggie burgers, of course...)

Louise said...

Cathy - according to my sources, it is meant to be rare. I'm not sure that it really is though, because I found a LOT of it. It did make cleaning up more exciting though.

Tanya - we can BBQ in the oven and sit outside. As long as there is beer, I think it'll be ok!