Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brodie... my first, and furriest baby

Brodie has always been a dog that loved to be comfortable. Even as a puppy he rejected the floor and preferred to nap on the couch. If there was a pillow on the couch, that was the perfect nap as far as he was concerned. 

Well today he managed to take it a step further and reach nap nirvana. He has a big fat pillow on the floor, with another pillow on top of it (just like the princess and the pea). He was taking a long time to get comfortable, but finally settled down, and when we looked over, we found this:

Yep, he's trying to become a Brodie-pillow sandwich. One chunky slice of Brodie between two hunks of pillow. And by the look on his face you can tell he's pretty pleased with this new arrangement.

And since I'm feeling nostalgic about my first baby-turned-furry adult dog... here's a bonus baby Brodie playing fetch video. Awww puppies. 


Cathy said...

Love the Brodie video..that bounce run is to die for! Put more up : )

Lori said...

My "love" for dogs/puppies remains the same, but Brodie was cute.

Louise said...

Hi Cathy and Lori!! Yeah, he was a cutie. But SO BAD!!! I'm glad he's less cute and less bad now!