Friday, June 11, 2010

Adele is six months old!

Adele suddenly turned six months old! I cannot believe how fast half a year has gone by. She is such a sweet baby - she giggles and smiles and loves to be tickled. It's hard to believe that such an impossibly tiny creature has grown so quickly into a beautiful baby girl with her own quirky personality.

Six months ago I could not imagine her smiling at her big sister who loves her so much and entertains her during diaper changes.

I couldn't imagine her trying her hardest to cram anything she could grab with both hands into her mouth.

I couldn't imagine us all just living our lives together, hanging out in the back garden in the sun, Adele kicking her happy little baby legs, unencumbered by tubes and wires and warmed by the sun, not the incubator. Though it was December back then, and I'm not convinced I remembered what summer felt like!

But here we are! I feel like we've been lucky to have extra time with her as a tiny snuggly little baby, and now she's becoming her own person. She's awake a lot more, and really pays attention to what's going on. She had her 6 month checkup and the doctor thinks she's ready to start eating some baby cereal, so that's exciting! We moved her out of our room into the extra bedroom because she's a party animal and keeps waking up when we go to the bathroom at 2am and wants to join the fun. She decided she was done with her pacifier and that she needed some teeth, so she's been busily working on those.

She's 11lb 8oz now, which is around the 10th percentile compared to babies who are her adjusted age of 4 months and she's 23.5 inches long (around 25th percentile). She's small, even compared to adjusted age babies, but is growing steadily, doing very well developmentally, and is healthy and happy.

You've come a long way, baby!

Happy 6 month Happy Day!


Mum said...

What a lovely baby - I think she takes after her Grandmothers! Happy half-year Birthday, Adele.

Michelle said...

I love this post, it's so nice to hear how well Adele is doing! Happy 6 months Adele!

Louise said...

Hi Mum! She is lovely, I agree.

Thanks Michelle!