Monday, September 3, 2012

Visitors, Dinos and Adele's latest trick!

My parents are visiting this week and we've been doing all kinds of fun things. Today we went to the Zoo to check out the DINOSAURS! I thought the girls might be a little freaked out by the moving and the roaring etc., but they thought it was great. I didn't bring my camera because I had enough to carry but here's a picture of Fiona sitting on the one in the playground area...

(This was a special one, the animatronic ones were definitely not for sitting on!)

And the girls posing as a dino-riding, club waving cave-person... totally historically accurate!

Than later we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for swimming and picnic dinner. The swimming was wonderful because it was a HOT, HOT day. And the dinner was great because it involved Grandma's potato salad. YUM.

Later, Adele decided she was ready to start standing up on her own! Last week when her physical therapist was over she was super happy with the progress Adele had made over the last month with walking and we made a plan to work on teaching her to stand up in the middle of the room so if she is walking and falls over she doesn't need to crawl to something to pull up on. Well I guess Adele was paying attention because today she did it!! She doesn't have her braces on (and that makes it easier because she can move her ankles more freely without them) but this is a really great achievement nonetheless! She was so excited about it that she did it a bunch of times and it's fun to watch it get easier and easier the more she tries. Here's a video!!

Look at that big smile on her face! 

I guess she waits for Granny to be here to hit the major milestones we're waiting for because she was here for the first unassisted steps last time :-)

My parents are here until Sunday so maybe by then Adele will be hopping and dancing a jig ;-) Who knows what else she could do with that kind of motivation!


Laurie Page said...

I'm tearing up--that is pure happiness! SO proud of her & happy for her. I love that one of my heroes is a 2 1/2 year old.

Tanya Cothran said...

YAY Adele! Give both girls a hug for me and tell them I say hello!

Tesha said...

Oh! How wonderful!! Way to go, Adele!!

Michelle said...

That is the biggest, proudest smile ever! x

Lori said...

Good Job, Adele!