Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ben!

It's Ben's birthday today! I won't embarrass him by telling you how old he is but let's just say that if you multiply 4 by 9, he'll be that old two years from now. And yes, I double checked that with a calculator...

He took the day off work, and the girls both went to daycare this morning, so we got to hang out just the two of us! You might think that would be a good opportunity for some romance, but instead we went to Target and then I did some work while he nagged me to hurry up so we could go to lunch. And what a lunch it was! There's a sushi buffet next door to where he works that he has been excited to take me to, but it doesn't go well with kids and it's kind of pricey... well today was the perfect day to go!

(I didn't take this, it came from here, but ours looked very similar)

You order what you'd like off the menu and they bring it to your table, and then you just keep ordering more and more food until you're making this happy groaning noise and sneakily unbuttoning your trousers to give your tummy more space. It was so yummy!

Fiona gave him Toy Story 3. She was excited about it - it has a dinosaur on it!

I'm sure she'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning to watch it with him :-)

We had a party at his parents house - jointly with his Dad who is having a birthday next week. We had pizza and.. ICE CREAM CAKE!! Mmmmmmmm YUM!

I think the best part of the day for Fiona was licking ice cream and frosting off the candles...

And the best part for Ben was choosing a new phone for me and then getting to "set it up for me". He's been really excited about it and finding out that it was released today made this the best birthday ever. He's funny.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love you!


Kate Smith said...

Wait... he got Toy Story 3 and you got a new phone?? Something's not right there. But who's complaining, not me! ;)

Tanya Cothran said...

Sounds like a fun birthday! Sushi is always a good way to celebrate. Did you get some saki to drink too? Now I have a hankering for sushi, even though it's only 10 in the morning.

Happy birthday Ben!


I'm with Kate... FIONA got a video, YOU got a phone... and BEN got to set up YOUR phone. WOW, that's SOME excitement! :-) No, it does sound like he had a very enjoyable birthday! What a lucky guy! :-)

Louise said...

Hi Kate and Adrien,

Heehee. He got some other stuff too, I gave him a game and a fancy bottle opener and he got a blu-ray player from my parents and his parents jointly.

But the phone really was the best part. He's been calling best buy twice a day for a week to see if they have it so it was very exciting for him when they got it in! He just really likes cellphones... :-D

Tanya, sadly we did not have saki... it seemed a little early in the day :-(

Mum said...

It was only early in the day in the USA - you could have pretended you were here for the Saki! I'm glad Ben had a good birthday - and I loved Toy Story 3, so I would have been happy with it for a present.

Cathy said...

You are forgetting to mention that he got a movie that he already had too. That was an important part of his day : )