Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Granny and Grandpa Visit!

My parents came to visit at the beginning of the month and we had a crazy fun time! Here I will present a collection of our activities, but I will only be talking about the ones that we took pictures of because, honestly, my brain functions so poorly in its exhausted state that without the visual reminder it may as well not have happened ;-)

One of the days we went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. We had not been here before and it was really great! Here you can see Minneapolis' most famous image - the "cherry and spoon" sculpture...

Fiona loves to hide and jump out and yell "peek-a-boo!" and there were many opportunities for her to do this. In combination with being allowed to run around, she had a wonderful time.

Adele, as usual, hung out tied onto me and had a fun time observing Fiona and her antics. She's so easygoing, it's really fun to spend time with her!

Fiona's second favorite thing is trying to stick her hands into bodies of water... and we even managed to accommodate that!

Check out that giant fish!

On a different day we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We hadn't been there before either and it was beautiful!

The leaves were all changing, the sky was blue, and some of the colors were incredible...

There's a sculpture there right now that is made by Patrick Dougherty - an artist who uses branches to make huge structures. Check out his website, really, it's amazing!

Fiona managed to find a variety of water features to paddle her hands in...

And found time for her third favorite thing... jumping off dangerous stuff!

And Adele, of course, hung out and was happy!

The other thing we did that I have photographic evidence of was going to the Zoo. It's always fun to go to the zoo, and this time was no exception, although this time Fiona was a little more batty...

Aaaaaaaahhahahahahaha. Man, I'm funny.

Other than that, we saw some bears and leopards up close...

And Adele hung out and was happy... and sleepy!

It was wonderful to have visitors!

We miss you Granny and Grandpa, come back soon!


david said...

That Fiona is so cute, but don't tell her, I would not like to ruin my reputatuion of being cruel.
I love the picture of her looking through the brickwork, second down.

Mum said...

We miss you too - and will definitely come back. The pictures of Fiona peeping out from a variety of hiding places are really sweet - not long before Adele joins her in her hiding and puddling activities!

Louise said...

David, your secret is safe with me.

Hi Mum - I hope it's soon - something exploded in the microwave and it needs a good clean ;-)