Monday, July 26, 2010

Monty Update

So Monty appears to have some sort of blockage in his intestine. It's not bone because it's not showing up on the x-ray, so it's either some big furry lump of woodland creature, something man-made that he ate because he's none too bright (like a piece of a toy), some kind of weird intestinal mishap (where the intestine kind of folds in on itself) or some kind of growth or tumor. He's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning and then the mystery will be solved.

He's still not eating or drinking and we're still having to give him IV fluids to keep him from shriveling up like a kitty raisin. It is odd that kidney failure initially accompanied this, but hopefully it is all related to this problem and after he has it removed he'll get back to being his normal happy self.

Here's a picture of him when Brodie was added to the family... showing him who's boss. Brodie grew pretty fast though and this didn't last for long. They're friends now though because they're both too old to tango like this any more...

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