Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fiona is 2!

Wow, things have been busy! We got back from our trip to Scotland last Friday, and haven't stopped since then. The girls took a few days to adjust, but both are doing well now, and sleeping pretty well most nights. I'll write about the trip later, but for now it's all about Fiona's 2nd birthday!

Fiona turned 2 on May 24th. She had a very nice birthday. She has mostly grasped the concept of a birthday, and kept referring to "Feena's happy day". She loves the song "Happy Birthday" on any day, and will request that I sing "Happy Day Granny/Daddy/Brodie, etc." so she loved that people kept saying, and singing, Happy Birthday. She understands presents too now, and gets excited about opening them (usually in the hope that she will find a bag of chocolate buttons inside).

I asked her what she'd like for "Happy Day" dinner and she requested toast and watermelon. So that's what we had.

Then it was time for cake! (And yes, I'm laughing halfway though because the cat fails to jump onto the table and falls on the floor).

Fiona liked the singing and candles so much that we lit them quite a few times...

Then it was time for presents! She liked her tricycle but isn't quite tall enough to pedal it. For now she had daddy push her around and she sneakily hides pacifiers and dish towels in the little storage box on the back. I'm totally onto her though ;-)

We gave her some books and some more duplo too. She loves duplo, and likes to build towers. She also likes people to build impossible things for her, like boats and lions. Impossible for me anyway, I'm only supremely gifted at play-doh creations...

(Thanks for the picture Uncle Michael!)

Here she is working very hard...

Daddy loves Duplo too and was eager to play!

Even Adele loves duplo!

It was a really nice day!

Today Fiona had her 2 year checkup. She weighs 23lb 9oz, which puts her in the 12th percentile for weight, and she's 34 inches tall/56th percentile for height. She's growing well, and learning like crazy. She loves to read stories, talks non-stop and is, of course, a genius ;-)

So there it is. 2 years old already. I know I say this all the time but... time flies.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Fiona!

Shock said...

Happy birthday Fiona! Your birthday is the day after mine. You and I have another thing in common - we both love Duplo!

Grandma said...

Happy Birthday, Fiona, from Grandma and Grandpa Bill. It looks like you had a wonderful time. We are so proud of you. (And Grandma agrees that any day is a 'happy day' when you can have watermelon!)

Tanya Cothran said...

Toast and watermelon! Yum! I always asked for raviolis for my birthday dinner. Glad to see you all are well and happy. :)

Louise said...

Thanks Lori!

Shock, Happy birthday to you too!

Hi Grandma - I think the watermelon love is definitely your genes at work!

Hi Tanya - raviolis sound delicious! It'll be interesting to see what she chooses next year.