Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fiona and her big brain

Fiona gets more clever every day. If she keeps learning at this rate I think she'll be ready for university by the time she's 8 or 9... She's developing all kinds of reasoning and deductive skills and makes connections and figures things out that surprise me all the time.

We were in the car last week and she told me she'd like to dance on the moon. Here's how that conversation went...

Fiona: Fiona want to dance on the moon
Me: You have to be an astronaut to dance on the moon. You need to work hard in school, go to university, study all kinds of physics, and get a job with NASA as an astronaut. Then you can dance on the moon.
F: Fiona dance on the moon Mummy!
M (sensing that my previous response was not adequate): The moon is too far away to dance on. It's up very high.
F: Plane goes up high in the sky! Fiona go on plane, dance on the moon!

I was very impressed with this! A moon-plane! Genius! She really could work for NASA!

She also learned how to ride a tricycle. She loves to look at bicycles and will count 'one, two wheels, handlebars, one, two pedals'. She really likes her tricycle and even gets excited to wear her helmet. Here's an adorable picture :-)

Another cute thing she does is want to sing happy birthday. She loves birthdays, and after people have birthdays she insists on singing happy birthday to them well past their actual birthday. We sing songs before she goes to sleep at night and she's adapted happy birthday to be kind of a review of what's particularly important or interesting to her at the moment. Here's an abbreviated rundown of the development of happy birthday, and some explanations...

(When we sing it, we sing it like "Happy Birthday to Fiona, Happy Birthday to Fiona, Happy Birthday dear Fiona, Happy Birthday to Fiona" since the name part is the most fun!)

We began with...
Happy Birthday to Fiona (she liked her own name, thought it was funny)
Happy Birthday to Audrey (her friend had a birthday party, she was very excited about "Audrey's Happy Day")
Happy Birthday to Daddy/Mummy/Dell/Brodie... etc. etc. (nice)
Happy Birthday to Thomas (really likes Thomas the Tank Engine)
Then more recently...
Happy Birthday to Monty's Big Owie (Monty had surgery and has a big owie)
Happy Birthday to Brodie's Poo (we're potty training and it's all about poo)
Happy Birthday to Emmy Catch a Fish (her cousin Emily was catching fish with her in the lake at Grandma and Grandpa's house)
Happy Birthday to Fish Bite You (Ben was bitten by the same fish)

(Here's a fish picture)

There have been others too, we sing something different almost every night, and it's always an entertaining window into what her little brain is thinking about at the moment :-)

However, she was unable to identify this week's Vegewhatable?! So it's up to it is!

Any ideas? Please don't tell me it's a cucumber!


kateks said...

Oh Fiona! I love that Audrey's birthday was excitig enough to still make it into the Happy Birthday finals with other big contenders such as poo and Thomas! And I particularly enjoyed the moon conversation, what a little smarty. :) As for that vegewhatable... some sort of albino squash/pumpkin? No clue. We're lucky just to remember what the convential vegetables are in this house sometimes.

Carole said...

Oh how I miss having those imagination-fueled conversations with kids. Thanks for sharing! I believe you have a pattypan squash; they are delicious. Here's a link:

Louise said...

Hi Kate! It was super exciting! She talked about it for a week beforehand and for a good few weeks afterwards!

Thanks for the link Carole! I ended up just throwing it into the spaghetti sauce I was making, it was good :-)